Efficient and Effective Mobile Payment Gateway Apps

With the increase in the penetration of the internet increasing number of people are being seen shopping online. More and more internet users, from developed and developing countries, are now following the trend of online shopping. As the need for online businesses to have effective and impressive websites grows the need for efficient payment gateway also needs to be addressed.

The most common and effective form of payment for online businesses is still the credit card online payment gateway system, which is used in one form or the other around the world. However, with the intense reach of the mobile phone in people’s lives today, online businesses are realizing the need for effective online payment gateway for mobile apps. According to Statista.com, the leading statistic studies provider, the global mobile payment revenue from Android and iOS users was close to USD450 billion.

It is time to choose the best payment gateway in android for your online business. Keep these few vital points in mind before selecting the best mobile payment gateway service provider:


The design of the mobile payment gateway app for your online business should ideally be clear and concise. Ensure that the design incorporates the essence of your online business, including the color theme and logo, etc.

User-Friendly UI:

A mobile payment gateway app needs to be very user-friendly not only in its concept but also in its efficiency of use by the customer. Today, more advanced mobile payment gateways tend to be a simple drag and drop kind which makes it far easier to make an online payment using your mobile phone.

Handling/Storing Card Data:

Any financial transaction that requires the user (customer) revealing credit card information for the merchant, will require the online company to adhere to the strict guidelines set for credit card online payments by the PCI in its Compliance Standards. Although it is a lengthy process, it is necessary as it requires handling and storing of sensitive financial and personal information of users.


The use of mobile phones for online payments is after all about convenience. Ensure that your mobile payment gateway in android allows the user to make payments using the least amount of clicks/buttons. This will make the transactions easier, and the efficiency acts as a motivator for the user to repeat another business transaction with the online company.

Although there are a large number of companies that promise to provide mobile payment gateway services, the leading and most trusting company remains to be EBS (E-Billing Solutions), which offers the most advanced and efficient payment gateway service for online businesses.

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